In my final blog am I going to focus on some models we talk about during this course.  We learned that there are 3 important models you can use when it comes to technology: The TPACK, SAMR & Digital Literacies models.

TPACK                   Teachers                      Integration
SAMR                     Materials                     Enhancement –> transformation
Digital Literacy        Students                     Remix literacy

TPACK: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Helps teachers on how to use technology in the classroom to support their lessons.
Actually has 7 components, but since I’m only going to give you a short introduction to this model am I going to focus on the 3 primary forms: Content (CK), Pedagogical (PK) and Technological (TK) knowledge.


Content: Language construction
Pedagogical: Know how to teach your subject in the right pedagogical way
Technological: Ability to make use of ict to simplify your subject.

I have used this model in one of my lessons that I had to create for this course. I think it is a good model that is relatively easy to integrate in your lesson. And like the description said: It helps you to simplify your lesson.

SAMR: Substitution Augmentation Modification & Redefinition
There are 4 technological avenues:
1. Visualization and Simulation
2. Social Computing
3. Digital Storytelling
4. Educational Gaming


I haven’t used this model myself, yet! So I can not really talk about my own experience here.

Digital Literacy:
How to effectively make use of the technologies at our disposal.
Not just the technical skills, but also the social skills. So that you know how to connect with the world around you, while using technology of course.
It has four areas of focus: See picture.


I have used this model. I especially love the digital storytelling. It allows you to tell a story to the students in a more creative way. While you are talking, pictures related to the story and music, will be shown behind you so that the students can really get into the story. I will definitely use this more often.

So this was my last blogpost. I’ve enjoyed writing about different subjects related to using technology in the classroom. It was very educational and fun to do.
Who knows, I might keep on blogging, but then on a different subject.

And this wouldn’t be my blog if I wouldn’t put another cartoon in this blog so this is my final cartoon on technology in the classroom!



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