Last Thursday we went to the iXperium in Arnhem with all the second year English students. The iXperium is an organization that offers workshops, training and courses to educate upcoming teachers in their use of ICT during classes.


We were going to be divided in 4 groups and each group was going to follow a certain workshop. I was in the group: Collaborative learning using the Interactive Whiteboard. In this workshop you were making use of the IWB to try to find useful classroom activities, NOT for presenting new input of a grammar structure.

Me and my group experimented with a couple of websites and in the end we chose a website called: Blendspace.
This website allows you to create a lesson plan on which the students can comment on each slide and tell the teacher if they like or dislike certain slides. You can also make a quiz, which you can let the students take by adding them to the lesson. You can also add information from different sources, such as youtube, google, flickr, educreations, upload pfd’s, word files etc. This website is fairly easy to use and I believe it is more fun for the students to look at it, because you can add so many different things to it.
The other thing I like about it is that is it very easy for the students to create one themselves!

The day was very educational and it was great to hear about all the ideas the other students had as well and if I have the chance I will certainly use this website in one of my lessons at my placement school.


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