After school I tutor a couple of high school students. I almost always use the iPad to show a grammar explanation, do some online exercises or show them an pdf where a worksheet is on. 2 of the 3 students I tutor have iPads, from their school, were their books are on. One of my tutor student actually asked me if I knew the app called Showbie and maybe if we could start using it as well during our tutor sessions.

So first let me start by explaining what Showbie for app is: Showbie is an app that allows you and your students to get more done in the classroom with iPads.
– You can unlock your classroom creative potential.
– You can open and save documents directly from thousands of creative apps.
– Fast and simple classroom workflow.
– Quickly and easily assign, collect, review and mark up student work
– Give rich feedback in an instant
– Add annotations, voice notes and comments directly onto your students’ work

41.-PaperlessThe easy way to go paperless at school

Which I believe is great! Because my opinion is that we are wasting to much paper in school, not just my placement school, but also the school I go to. And by using apps like this one we can reduce paper waste.
Just make sure you don’t overdo it though!

In case my opinion about this great app wasn’t enough, down below you can find the opinion of a woman who is a 5th grade teacher and using the Showbie app in her classroom.


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