Elevator pitch by Ellen & Delailah

So we were asked to come up with an elevator pitch about why technology should be used in the classroom. Me and Delailah decided to pair up and make one together.

We thought this would be an easy task, but it actually took more time and patience than expected. We decided on using moovly, because a couple classmates used it already.  So first we had the trouble with finding the hand to write it, because we really wanted that hand in the animation!vr_cartoon
After finally figuring that out we had some trouble with adding the animation in certain time frames. So 1 hour later we gave up and decided to do something else and try again the following day.

One day later….:

We started rested and clear minded on the moovly clip again. And it actually went pretty fast this time. We just had a bit of trouble with uploading the music.

We are very happy with the end result of our elevator pitch and we hope you like it too!


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