Smartphone usage

Here I am again talking about smartphones, but you know the thing is that we start using our smartphones almost subconsciously lately. Well at least that is the case with me. I can not even count how many times I look at my phone per day to see if I haven’t missed a whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat post, email etc. etc. A lot of times me and my friends joke around about the fact that we would be lost without our phones, but I actually believe that that would be the reality for a lot of people, including me! I totally rely on my phone for a lot of things. For example I use it as a dictionary, to stay in contact with people around the world, as a watch, to make the time pass faster by playing a game, look at funny pictures on 9gag or when I need to look up something  for school etc. etc.

I think these pictures really show you what I’m trying to tell you.

smartphone-comic-master 046bcb2

And it is not just the case with your smartphone, think about a tablet and your computer as well! It is actually really sad if you think about it.
How did people survive a couple of years ago without the smartphones? They had to look up information in books, not on the internet. If they wanted to share a funny story they didn’t post it on social media, but they just told each other and laughed about if together and didn’t just reply with a LOL or a haha.  If you wanted to meet with somebody you would call and ask and not just send a quick text message or you would just show up at that persons house and ask he do you have time to chat now?
What happend with the old fashioned doorbell? Nobody rings it anymore. We all just stand in front of the door and text: Hee I’m here, could you open the door? Even though the doorbell is like one step to the right. It is really crazy if you think about it.

Now the question might be, but how is this related to using technology in a classroom? I believe that students feel the need to stay in contact with the world through their mobile phones. They do not know another way. To be quite franky, I am the same way. So the thing is, if I can’t stop checking my phone every time I get the opportunity to do it, how could I ”punish” my students for doing the exact same thing?


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