"I never recommend suspension for students. Why reward poor behavior with time off?"So we have been talking a lot lately about how to handle the behavior of the students during the lessons. Do we punish them? If the answer is yes, in what kind of way? How do we reward students? To what extent? What could come to mind first is using stickers to reward students or give them candy or something. But now I started wondering, how could we do this with technology? Is there a way to use the tablets, or even the smartphones of the students to improve the students’ behavior. Now I have found this funny app called Classdojo. I’ve put the link of the demonstration down below.


So what this app basically does is that the teacher sets up their class, giving each student an avatar. Using your mobile device you can easily reward student behaviour, task completion and homework.  ClassDojo allows you to save, analyse and print reports on the class.

But is this really doable in a classroom with 30 students which you only see 1 hour a day? You might have 6 different classes on 1 day. This means you will have to give 180  students feedback on 1 day. I like the idea behind the app, because it really gives each individual student feedback on what they did and how they did it during the lesson. Plus, they don’t have to share it with other students if they don’t want to. I just believe it is not manageable as an high school teacher, but maybe for an elementary school? Where teachers see students for an entire day.


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