A fool with a tool is still a fool!

Like I said before, I’m writing this blog to keep track off my progress in my TELL course. My expectation for this course is that I’m going to learn different ways to use technology in a classroom. I do not have a lot of prior knowledge about using technology in the classroom. We didn’t have smart bords when I was still in high school. And I haven’t really seen a lot of positive things about using a smart bord during my study to become an English teacher. A lot of our teachers still don’t really understand how to use one.
I have written a blog before, but that was more for my family back home to keep them up to date with what I was doing in my year abroad than for me. And I’ve followed travel blogs from other people.

In the first lesson of this course did our teacher start the lesson with: A fool with a tool is still a fool!

Now the question might be, how can we as upcoming teachers relate to this?

During my internship at a placement school last year, did I get a lot of comments from the students such as:

Ma’am you need to turn on the speaker first before we can hear anything.

You need to ”calibrate” the bord first, otherwise it won’t work.

Can we watch a youtube clip today miss?

You might say that we as upcoming teachers are still fools, even though we have the right tools to create a fun lesson for the students. But if we don’t know how to use the smart bord, how could the students take us seriously?

Knowing how to use the smart bord is one of the things to start with as a upcoming teacher to use technology in a classroom. But there are much more things we could do such as showing clips, flipping the classroom, use the cellphones of the students during the class etc.

I will talk more about things like this later in another blog post.

'Grandpa, what was the biggest upgrade you saw when you went to school?'


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